Mayor Matt Childers said the city has taken an additional step to address the water quality situation.

The City of Augusta has been dealing with complaints about the smell and taste of the tap water for about a month now.

The change in the water quality came when the city began mixing Augusta Lake water with El Dorado Lake water to make sure the city didn’t exceed it’s take-or-pay contract limits in the water contract with El Dorado.

Because the Augusta City Lake is shallower and has more sediment, the water treatment plant has been changing the chemicals used to try to balance out the chemistry and restore the water quality.

Mayor Matt Childers said the city has taken an additional step to address the situation.

“The Water Treatment Plant will be conducting an equipment upgrade enabling us to feed more carbon at the plant,” Childers said Wednesday. “Carbon is one of the chemicals utilized to improve taste and odor.”

Childers said the current carbon feeding system is at maximum capacity and not keeping up with needed levels to treat the new blended water supply. The new equipment can supply much higher levels.

“The new feeder was ordered by city staff on Tuesday and will hopefully be delivered today (Wednesday),” Mayor Childers said. “If the new equipment is received today, it will be installed by water treatment plant staff on Thanksgiving Day.”

Childers said the risk with additional carbon, while it corrects smell and taste issues, is that the water can take on a slightly grayish hue.

The city will likely face similar issues in January when they begin using Santa Fe Lake water to perfect that lake’s water rights in 2015. The hope is that the new carbon feeder will help with that transition as well.