No action was taken on the future of Bluestem High School football coach Kyle Wallis Monday night.

No action was taken on the future of Bluestem High School football coach Kyle Wallis Monday night.

More than 60 people attended the U.S.D. 205 School Board meeting including a couple dozen football team members wearing their uniforms.

The show of support was in response to reports that Principal Brian Minks – who served as athletic director until this year – and current Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Brett Mohr called Wallis into a meeting the morning after his team was eliminated from the 3A playoffs to ask him for his resignation as football coach. Wallis declined to resign.

Wallis has had little to say about the actions for many reasons.

“I appreciate all the support from the community,” Wallis said in an email Monday. “Right now my focus is on my family, as we are expecting our second child any day now, and wrapping up the season with the focus on our outstanding kids and all of their on and off the field accomplishments.”

No reason for the action was given Monday night as the board was careful to follow appropriate personnel protocols.

“If anyone has anything to say about a program, policy or the school board, you can speak during the public participation,” School Board President Damian Korte said. “Other than that, the board will invite a student spokesperson and adult spokesperson into executive session to discuss the situation.”

The student spokesperson was Quarterback and team captain Cooper Minnick. Minnick said his time in the executive session went well and the board listened to what he had to say and asked a few questions. The adult spokesperson was Dale Moran – father of running back Lane Moran.

After the first 30 minutes in private session, Korte came out and let the crowd know the board was going back into executive session for 30 more minutes with just Superintendent Lovesee. He said there would probably be a subsequent executive session including Minks and Mohr.

The board finally came out of executive session at 9:40 p.m. No action was taken beyond accepting the resignation of a custodian and hiring a replacement.

Adam Knapp, a 1987 Blustem alumnus, spoke before the executive session. Knapp began by congratulating the team for making the playoffs and talked about what a difference success like that can make for a community.

“I know there are a lot more important things than football,” Knapp said. “But for a community to have some kind of spirit is important. Do people still say ‘Lion Pride’? For a while there, that was an oxymoron.”

Knapp said after the long history of losing in the program, it was exciting to see this coach and team turn things around.

“Just remember, if you know you are right, never be afraid to stand up to those in authority,” Knapp said.

Some of the authority students are facing include administrators at the high school Monday sending students to change shirts who wore homemade t-shirts that had #wallislove or I (heart) Wallis written on them.

“They said it was disruptive to learning,” said John Stiger. “We had to change our shirts or go home.”

Another football player, Judd Simon, said he was disappointed by the timing of the action and how it affected the end of the season.

“I can’t believe they did this right after the playoffs like this,” Simon said.

Minks and Mohr were both contacted by the Times-Gazette but refused to comment, instead asking Superintendent Joel Lovesee to respond on their behalf.