Readers write

You lose if Republicans lose their races

Dear Butler County,
 The things you will lose if Brownback, Kobach and Roberts lose their races. The marriage amendment will go away and same sex marriage will be the new Kansas and taught in our schools.  Butler county voted solidly for traditional marriage, 11,851 for and 3,559 against . That is a strong vote. Abortion will once again flourish as our destination industry as in the past. Davis, Schdorf and Orman are abortion without restrictions. Your taxes will go up.....that is a promise. Davis is planning at least 17%. Non-citizens will be voting at your polls......Kobach is protecting them now but Schodorf does not think you need ID to vote. We will lose control of the US Senate which is within arms reach and that damages many national issues. Barack Obama will have Kansas in his grip and he will be celebrating in the White House. Orman has said he will support amnesty for illegals and by the way, he is a democrat and has given $174,000 to democrats and if he will lie about his party affiliation, what else will he lie about? I believe if we lose Kansas to Barack Obama, the damage is far reaching. Davis, Orman and Schodorf are Obama supporters. They voted for him, donated to him and Davis was a two time Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention. All three are strongly on the Obama team. Please vote for Brownback, Kobach and Roberts. Our lives depend on it.
Debra Weingartner
Madison, KS


Dismayed at misinformation regarding Brownback’s record of support of education

To the Editor,
As a former public school teacher who was certified for 30 years, I am dismayed by the endless stream of misinformation disseminated by the K-12 establishment regarding Governor Sam Brownback’s record of support for public education. Governor Brownback took office in January 2011, halfway through the previous Governor’s fiscal year budget. Since taking office, Brownback and the Kansas legislature have increased K-12 state funding each year in addition to restoring solvency to a bankrupt KPERS system (the legacy of the Sebelius/Parkinson/Goossen years). Objective data from both the Kansas Dept of Education and KS Legislative Research  ( clearly and consistently confirms this fact, despite the best efforts of the media, unions and other special interest groups to suppress and malign these facts.
I urge you to think clearly and do your own research regarding the records of both gubernatorial candidates. Sam Brownback has a stellar record of leadership on education funding, technical training, sanctity of life, 2nd Amendment rights, state sovereignty, establishing a business-friendly tax environment, growing jobs, and creating a leaner, more efficient state government. Please join me and other limited government, pro-life, pro-family voters by casting your vote for the future of Kansas.  Vote Sam Brownback on November 4th!

Debbie Luper


Proud that Pompeo represents Kansas

To the Editor,
I’m proud that Mike Pompeo is our congressman.  He served in the Army, owned a small business, and has taken our conservative Kansas values to Washington.  He is a leader we can be proud to send to our nation’s capital.  At the same time, he has clearly maintained his Kansas roots because he is back home at every opportunity, meeting with constituents and local businesses.
Mike is a man of character.  He has taken tough positions and tough votes, but has always been honest and forthright with the people he represents.  Mike understands that in order for our economy to improve, big government has to get out of the way of businesses in Kansas.  This way, we can create jobs and opportunities for our communities.
We should be proud of the work Mike is doing to grow the economy, cut wasteful spending, and protect our nation from those who intend to do us harm.  It isn’t common to have a representative this dedicated.  Let’s keep him working hard for us in Congress.  Vote for Mike Pompeo on November 5!

Arleth Uranga


Vote ‘yes’ for Andover sales tax

To the Editor,
On Nov. 4, Andover residents will have the opportunity to vote for a 1 percent sales Tax to be used for lowering property taxes and funding long range capital improvements.  
For years, Andover City Councils have deferred making some needed long term capital improvements to avoid raising property taxes. The sales tax would be used for reducing property taxes and making improvements to non-revenue producing functions, such as street maintenance facilities, park improvements, and police and fire facility improvements.
The sales sax would put Andover on par with the sales tax of other communities in the area. It would allow visitors to help pay for facilities that benefit them, just as Andover residents help other cities by paying their sales taxes when visiting their cities.
The ballot issue dedicates at least 25 percent of the sales tax revenue for reducing property taxes, which last year would have reduced residential property taxes $47 for every $100,000 in valuation.  
In other words, a "yes" vote will advance Andover.
For more information, you can check out the "Advance Andover" page on Facebook. Or better yet, learn more at our public meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 29 at Andover Central High School.

Mike Thompson
Andover Engineering Consultant