Reader supports Pompeo

To the Editor,
As a former teacher, I know that successful children have many caring adults in their life.  I see this with my own grandchildren.  My grandson, Stephen Andersen, recently started his first post-college, professional job.  One of the caring adults in his life for many years is the father of his close friend.  This man served as a job reference for Stephen and celebrated along with us when Stephen landed this important first job.  He took Stephen on family trips; enjoyed lots of Shocker basketball with Stephen in tow—not to mention movies and meals.  They share jokes and interests and Stephen always consoles him during the annual Army-Navy football game.
This Christian man of character and integrity who has genuinely cared about Stephen alongside his own son, Nick, as the boys grew up is our current Congressman, Mike Pompeo.  I have watched this relationship over the years with joy and admiration.  Mike Pompeo is a man of depth and honor.  His son, Nick, who has been to my farm several times, is a special person too.
I encourage you to join me in voting for Mike Pompeo on November 4th.

Ruth Jean Andersen
Anthony, KS