Sweetness and light oozes out of her

(Written with the help of her Daddy, Nana, Grandpa and Auntie Hayley.)
1. The girl is a hand-holder. If you’re walking with her--into a store or a restaurant, or simply walking around the neighborhood--the girl is going to quietly and without fanfare slip her hand into yours. Sweetness and light oozes out of her, and sometimes it manifests itself in quiet ways, in hand-holding ways.
2. Even though she is at first shy, she is open to new people. Little Missy stayed with my mom for a few days in Tulsa, and while down there she attended an art class at one of the museums with some girls she did not know but they knew each other. Starting as the odd man out didn’t faze her for long; her humility and genuine love for others allowed her to enjoy the girls who were new to her.
3. Little Missy is an amazing artist. Objectively, she is just really, really good. She can whip out an adorable long-haired Rapunzel or happy puppy in no time at all.
4. She is also an obsessive artist. Not that she obsesses over each work she creates--she’ll admire her work and then happily move on to the next drawing--but she is obsessive in that she’s always drawing: while watching TV, while playing alone in her room, while riding in the car. My mom said that she has to hide her pretty note paper when Little Missy visits or else she’ll end up with a million little expensive pictures.
5. On the soccer field that girl fights hard. Now, I may be lacking in objectivity on this one, but Little Missy is the one you want at mid-field. With no fear of girls or soccer balls hurtling toward her she attacks the ball hard and gets it away far away from her team’s goal. But she is always so nice! She encourages her teammates even if they’re not playing their best.
6. She loves her Grandpa. (Guess who helped with that one?)
7. Last summer my sister and her husband cared for two foster children for about a week. One afternoon my kids and I got to babysit them when the child care my sister had lined up fell through. Little Missy, G and Baby Chickadee all worked so hard with the two little ones. Without my prompting, they were down on the floor with them, gently offering new ways to play. The memory of their love for new children still clinches my heart. My sister said that Little Missy still asks after those two.
8. Little Missy loves her brother and sister. When G was gone for his turn at my Mom and Dad’s house she lamented each day with an iteration of “I miss G. He makes everything funner.” And she said it without whining. It was just her sad realization that she wanted him to come home. Then when we picked him up in Ponca City she ran out of the restaurant when she saw my Mom’s car. “I want to be the first to see him!” While G was gone, she had extra time to play with Baby Chickadee. One evening Hubby checked on them and Baby Chickadee didn’t want the interruption. “We just want to be alone for a little bit.”
9. (An extra one!) She is mine. I am so thankful that God gave this little ball of silliness and love to Hubby and me. Man we love her.

Erin Fox is a busy wife and mother of three.  She is a weekly columnist for the Times- Gazette.