This is what community is all about – taking time to invest in one another’s lives. We have a great community!

Two weekends ago, Augusta was the place to be! Within our City, we had the Charlie Dunn Baseball Tournament, the A/B West State Softball Tournament and the first-ever Brick Street Festival located in our historic downtown. With this type of synergy, everyone wins – from the small businesses benefiting from a boost in sales to families that have fun, family-friendly activities to enjoy.
Each of these events was made possible by a dedicated team of volunteers that have a passion for kids, for sports, for our downtown businesses and for our community. The hundreds of hours invested by these volunteers resulted in the creation of a sense of community for all those who were fortunate enough to participate.  Each event supported the other events. Simply put – synergy!
The Brick Street Festival was made possible by the vision, planning and organization of Holiday Bowl owner Austin Ottaway, Augusta Rental owner Kelly Modlin, real estate agent Jeana McClure, builder & developer Mark McCollom, the Chamber of Commerce board and Director Sarah Hoefgan and an entire team of volunteers from DAI (Downtown Augusta Inc) and the general community. This list is not exhaustive – there were many others that helped make this event possible, from business sponsors to business owners and friends. But, the point is that a team of people who wanted to create something special in Augusta just made it happen. They didn’t wait for someday when everyone ‘has more time’ – they just did it.
Synergy was alive and well! For example, my son’s Oriole Baseball Team played (and won their age division) in the baseball tournament at Garvin Park. But, they also set up a booth at the Brick Street Festival (a dunk tank, and yes, I got dunked!). The boys raised money for their State Baseball Tournament and also had fun playing at the carnival (when not playing games). The day was double community for us – baseball and a festival to really spend quality time together.
Also worth mentioning is the City’s support for these events. The Governing Body approves and provides resources for the Festivals and tournaments. It was also wonderful to see the new fences and other updates in Garvin Park. It definitely makes Augusta a more attractive place for teams to consider registering in a tournament. When teams come to Augusta, it boosts our local sales tax and helps us show off what a great City we have. So, special thanks to the City for all its support!
This is what community is all about – taking time to invest in one another’s lives. We have a great community!