Elk River Wind Power Plant presented donations to show their appreciation of response in a recent robbery at the facility, located near Latham.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office and Augusta Department of Public Safety each received a thank-you gift for a recent arrest which they will put to good use.

Iberdrola Renewables' Elk River Wind Power Plant presented each agency with a check for $2,500 to show their appreciation of their response in a recent robbery at the facility, located near Latham.

"They (the Sheriff's office) have been out a few times before trying to locate people who broke in," said Ryan Orban, plant manager.

He said they were grateful for the quick response.

"We just wanted to make sure they knew they were appreciated," Orban said, adding they also wanted to let the public know how quick of response they can get out there.

"It's wonderful to be recognized and wonderful to have a great working relationship with Augusta," said Sheriff Kelly Herzet. "It is all about working together."

Augusta Department of Public Safety Chief Tyler Brewer agreed.

"For us it goes beyond what we did here," he said. "It speaks to agency cooperation and our ability to work with the Sheriff's Office and the Sheriff helping our department in Augusta. That's what Sheriff Herzet brings to the table. We're glad to be able to bring this to the table. We can always depend on a deputy to come down and help us."

The sheriff's donation will be put in their donation fund, which is used for community policing items or supplies for such things as Kids Safe Night Out, the Senior Fair booth or Neighborhood Watch.

"It feels good they do appreciate we take our job serious and do respond down here," Herzet said.

The Augusta donation will go into a fund for a future police dog. The fund was set up so they have the ability to purchase another dog in the future when Rico, their current police dog, goes out of service. This is important because the cost for a dog and training is $16,000. Rico played an important role in the capture of the person in the robbery.

"We decided to be pro-active for the future," Brewer said.

The suspect in the case, James Lomon, is currently scheduled to have his next hearing in the Butler County District Court in February. Lomon faces several charges of theft on Oct. 29 or 30, as well as Aug. 24, 2010.

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