We are sitting out a season

Right as I tell you all that I’m finally enjoying the sports my older two are in (Baby Chickadee as Manageable Toddler rather than Wants to Touch Everything Toddler or Must Be Held the Entire Time Baby is much more conducive to watching elementary sports games), we are sitting out a season.

Hubby started casually dropping hints a couple of months ago that maybe the big kids should sit out during basketball season. At first I didn’t believe him because in the beginning he was the one who pushed for sports and why on earth change now? Right when both of us are starting to watch the same game at the same time and not chasing after a teeny one? But then he kept bringing it up and I had listen.

My response was to suggest they sit out baseball and softball. They’ve played it longer, thereby perhaps making it easier for them to jump back in, but really it was a selfish suggestion: I get to sit in a temperature-controlled gym for basketball. No blazing hot stands like in soccer, no rain pelting my back like in football, no sun in my eyes coupled with 100+ degree temps like in baseball and softball.

And because sometimes we’re not all that great at making decisions, the question hung there between us.

Then Little Missy’s soccer season ended, followed by G’s football season a couple of weeks later. As Hubby and I enjoyed a free evening we looked at each other with panicked eyes one night after the kids were in bed as we both realized we’d missed the basketball signups. You guys, the beginning of basketball season is too fast a turn around for a mom who is not always on top of her game, and beginning the signups before the fall season has even ended is too much to ask for this girl.

We wondered: do we call the league and sweet talk our kids onto a team? Do we instead put our kids in a climbing wall class at the Y, which would mean only ONE activity per week?

There was some back and forth FOR ABOUT A WEEK, I tell you we cannot make a decision, when finally we decided we’re sitting out. Of all of it. For at least a month.

During this first chosen week of no sports we’ve been busy enough to not feel much free time. Hope Rising one night, a date night for Hubby and I another, a rare evening grocery store trip for me. There has been one night out of five that we were all together.

So we made the right decision. But I will miss cheering for my kids on Saturdays come January.

Erin Fox is a busy wife and mother of three. She is a weekly columnist for the Times- Gazette.