The goals just kept coming.

Mason Hiser scored on a breakaway and twice on tough shots through traffic for a hat trick. Corbin Murry hit a rocket shot from nearly 30 yards away for another goal. Michael Albright made some nice plays for a pair of goals.

Between the office clicking like it hadn't before and the fact that the Orioles like playing against Mulvane, Augusta put together its best offensive performance of the season by scoring five second-half goals on way to a 7-1 blowout win.

"We actually worked the give-and-go unlike any other game this season," Hiser said. "We sent balls to corners, then sent balls from the corners back to the PK spot."

The win continues the trend of big wins against Mulvane; Augusta had a blowout against the Wildcats last season. The Orioles now have won two games in a row to improve their record to 2-3.

Hiser had a goal less than 2 minutes into the match to give the Orioles an early 1-0 lead. Albright scored midway through the first half for a 2-0 lead on an assist from Hiser before Tyler Wright scored Mulvane's lone goal.

Hiser finished with two assists to go along with his hat trick. Murry and Rob Winzer each had an assist. Brandon Denoncourt had two assists.

"That's the best we've shared the ball all season," coach Monty Rowland said. "If we can share that way against Winfield and set the ball up that way against Winfield, we should be able to take them down."

Hiser said the Orioles worked on a drill specifically to focus on passing. Murry said the Orioles were able to connect those passes in lanes between defenders to get the offense clicking.

"We had awesome runs to those open spaces," Murry said.

"Corbin came out the second half with some fire...," Rowland said, "and he just started taking over the game."

Murry, arguably the Orioles' best ball handler, set up the offense for several of those runs in open space that led to second-half goals. Hiser received a lob pass from Murry, took it to the middle of the field on a breakaway, and got some juice on his shot from about 17 yards out for a goal and a 3-1 lead.

After Murry's goal pushed the lead to 4-1, Hiser fought through a defender on a rebound and blast a shot for his third goal.

Albright later scored on a great downfield assist from Andrew Orocio. Winzer later dribbled made a great effort play while dribbling through some defenders for the final goal.

"We were more energetic tonight," Murry said.

Augusta plays at Winfield Thursday. The Orioles lost to the Vikings in the season opener.

The JV team got its first win of the year by beating Mulvane 3-0. Brysen Bergkamp scored for a 1-0 lead on a breakaway. John McMurphy scored the Orioles' second goal on an assist from Jake Lanier. Nolan Riley scored on a header on a cross pass from Gavin Hiser.