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In reference to the people living in the vicinity of the St. James Church A/C constant whine: we had a friend come to the house and we tried sitting on the back porch to talk and the noise was so loud that we could not. We also think the church should work on the problem.


Thank goodness someone else has heard the loud continuous whine from the A/C at St. James! I visited with the staff about a year ago on this same problem and got the same answer. Their guy checked it out and there was nothing they could do. But every day we hear it loud and clear. We can’t enjoy being outside due to the noise...this is a touchy issue because it’s a church, but they should recognize the problem and deal with it. Perhaps the unit needs to be on the roof.


My house was here before the church and I’ve been a good neighbor. They need to love their neighbor and think about the people who live here AND fix their noisy unit. I’d like to enjoy being outside in my yard.

(Editor’s note: A spokesperson with the church advised that they are currently working on the problem and hope to have a solution soon.)


A little bit more to the city, a little bit more to the school district, a little bit more to the community college - where does it end? I work very hard to take care of my family, but don’t make the big bucks like some of those working for the schools. When do the rest of us get a raise?

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