As Butler Community College continues the search for its next president, a public forum with each of the three finalists has been scheduled.

As Butler Community College continues the search for its next president, a public forum with each of the three finalists has been scheduled.

The fist candidate to tour Butler’s campuses and meet with community members and Butler employees was Dr. Kim Krull.

“Thanks for coming,” Krull told those who came to meet her Wednesday evening at the Hubbard Welcome Center. “It’s great to see you all. I appreciate you taking time out of your schedules. I’m really excited to be at Butler today. I have always admired Butler. I really have a lot of respect and admiration for the things Butler has done and is doing.”

Krull, who presently serves as the vice president for Academic Affairs at Cloud County Community College in Concordia, began by telling the audience about herself.

“I am passionate about education and student success and making a difference in people’s lives,” she said. “I really believe in open and honest communication and being good to the people around me. I really try every day to model and demonstrate integrity and fairness in all my decisions.”

She also spoke about the work ethic her parents instilled in her as she was growing up, and credits them for teaching her to love learning.

She has a bachelor of science in microbiology, a master of science in life sciences/biochemistry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a master of science in education/community counseling from the University of Nebraska-Kearney, and a Ph.D. in education and human resource studies with a specialization in Community College Leadership from Colorado State University.

“Work as hard as you can work, do the best that you can do, and as you’re doing that, give to the people around you,” she said of her parents’ teaching. “Giving my time, my talents and my heart, those are the things that define me the most.”

Krull talked about her two children, her pets and what she does for fun.

“I take care of myself and rejuvenate myself by running,” she said. “It’s all about setting goals. I ran my first Chicago Marathon four years ago. For me it’s about finishing.”

She told the audience if they asked her friends about her, she hoped they would say she’s friendly and approachable, energetic and driven, and has a desire to be the best she can be while helping those around her.

“I would hope they would say I have the ability to create a vision and share that vision,” she said.

Krull also discussed Cloud County Community College’s Associate of Applied Science Degree in Wind Energy Technology, a program she was involved with implementing.

“We’re not only teaching renewable energy but we’re using it,” she said. “It’s a model of collaborative partnerships. It’s been wonderful to be a part of that.”

Krull then spoke more about Butler.

“I really try to lead by example,” she said. “I represent myself professionally, and that’s how I would represent Butler. I don’t ask anybody to to anything I wouldn’t want to do myself. I really believe in a team approach.”

She also praised Butler’s vision and strategic planning process.

“Planning is critical if we’re going to help our students be successful,” she said.

She mentioned a recent report on community colleges that says innovation is key to helping students succeed.

“If we don’t continue to learn and grow we can’t expect our students to,” she said. “We all touch those students’ lives somehow.”

To Krull, building relationships is vital.

“First and foremost my priority would be to develop a relationship with the Board of Trustees if I was selected so they get to know me and I get to know them,” she said. “Then I get to know you alongside that, to be out on the campuses and communities. I need to know you and you need to know me. You folks live pure learning power. You’re going to have to help me learn that as well. That would be one of my first priorities.”

She also mentioned that former Butler president Dr. Jackie Vietti was one of her mentors.

Following her introduction, Krull answered questions from those in the audience.

She was asked about her teaching experience, to which she replied she taught math and science courses for 18 years.

“I always felt like part of my mission was they could love it,” she said of math and science. “They didn’t have to be afraid of it.”

She was also asked what she would do to help faculty help students, how she feels about attracting international students to Butler, what she is reading right now, her views on community service, how approachable she is, how many hours a week she works, how she is involved in her community, what her most significant accomplishment is, how she feels about adult education, how she would keep Butler’s campuses connected, how she has helped involve community members in financially supporting a college, a time she failed to reach a goal, community outreach and how she would treat a suggestion to implement a new program.

In her answers, she stressed the importance of building relationships, taking time to invest in the community, being flexible, offering students opportunities to succeed and working as part of a team.

“I’m honored and gratified to be here,” she said. “I appreciate you folks coming out today.”