Despite the inconsistencies the spring season had, junior Kyler Steinkamp proved to be a model of reliability.

In his first trip to the state track and field meet, Steinkamp was able to clear 6 feet, 2 inches in the high jump event, a mark he's consistently hit all season despite the lack of normal amounts of practices all season. With that performance, Steinkamp earned a fourth-place medal in Class 4A competition.

Steinkamp tied for fourth with Royal Valley's Christopher Chapman, also a junior, but Steinkamp won the tiebreaker with fewer scratches. Girard freshman Drew Davied pulled off the surprise win by edging Andale's Garrison LeRock, both of whom cleared 6'8". Davied won the championship with fewer scratches. Andale's Lane Macari took third place with a mark of 6'6".

A fourth-place finish for Steinkamp brought a solid cap to a season in which he earned several medals and had set the pace for much of Class 4A early on. Steinkamp also ran the 200-meter dash and was a part of an Oriole relay at times during the year, as well.

Augusta's only other competitor at State was Chaydon Carter, who ran the 100-meter dash. Carter took 10th place during the preliminaries with a time of 11.37 seconds, but he narrowly missed qualifying for the finals by .11 seconds.

Coffeyville-Field Kindley's James Newton, a junior, won the 100-m dash championship with a time of 10.85.