Council approves the purchase of a new jet fuel truck.

Augusta’s municipal airport struggled for several years.

But as the hangars began to fill up, the airport has developed a new problem – it is outgrowing its equipment.

Airport Manager Loyd Partin told the City Council Monday that the facility needs to acquire a new jet fuel truck.

When the current 1,000 gallon trailer was purchased it was the perfect size for the airport.

However, as the airport began selling to small and medium sized turbo prop airplanes and business jets, the trailer’s limitations are causing issues.

Josh Shaw, Assistant to the City Manager, said the current trailer is a solid piece of equipment but its size is a shortcoming.

Partin asked the council to approve the sale of the current trailer and permission to pursue a different larger fuel truck to take its place.

The council voted unanimously to sell the current trailer.

Other good news from the airport included a flat insurance cost. The council approved a bid from Madrigal & Welch at the exact same price as last year - $3,750 for the entire year.