McDonald’s, USD 490 and the YMCA are teaming up to promote healthy lifestyles and fitness for families.

McDonald’s, USD 490 and the YMCA are teaming up to promote healthy lifestyles and fitness for families.

They will be holding the first 490 For Fitness event on Saturday.

The event began with a sub-committee of the USD 490 Wellness Committee.

“We have wellness goals throughout the district we try to meet,” said Grandview Principal and committee member Kim McCune. “We hadn’t been able to do a district-wide event before, so we wanted to try to do that.”

From those discussions, Jennifer and Bob Lane, owners of the El Dorado McDonald’s, wanted to partner with them to do something.

“Jennifer and I and two other members of the committee got together and began to brainstorm what we thought we could do,” McCune said. “The first thought was along the line of a Relay For Life type event to get everyone to the stadium doing fun things and it just snowballed from there.”

The YMCA also got involved because it fit with their goals of reaching out to a broader community.

“What we wanted to do was just provide a few hours in the day where kids, parents and families could come and do fun activities that gets them outside and gets them moving and doing physical activity,” McCune said. “We thought, what’s going to get them there?”

The event will be held from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at the BG Products Veterans Sports Complex, with the slogan “Together we can build a strong community and healthy hearts.”

“We have already had a lot of community support,” McCune said.

490 For Fitness will host several activities including Zumba, kickboxing, stationary bike classes, a 1-mile & 3-mile run/walk, several track events, plus many other fun ways to become active.

The city will be providing bottled water with a reuse symbol on it promoting refilling water bottles rather than throwing them away. To help do that, there will be two big coolers of water so people can refill their bottles at the event.

There also will be free t-shirts given out, sponsored by McDonald’s, along with other businesses in town.

McDonald’s and USD 490 held a contest to design the 490 For Fitness T-shirt. The contest had two categories: one design for youth T-shirts and the other for the adult T-shirts. The youth T-shirts contest winner was Sierra Thomas a first grader from Skelly Elementary. The adult T-shirts contest winner was Libby Moore from El Dorado Middle School.

In addition, McDonald’s will hand out apple dippers and information on healthy activities. Ronald McDonald will also be there to support the kids of USD 490 and healthy living.

“McDonald’s El Dorado wanted to do this because it is so important to our youth to promote healthy and active lifestyles,” said Jennifer Lane. “In today’s world it is so easy to get caught up in our busy lives and forget about taking care of ourselves.

“We have had a long-time commitment to area children starting many years ago, by sponsoring little league teams, helping build our local YMCA and as of late helping to build the BG Products Veterans Sports Clinic.”

They already have more than 400 people pre-registered, which guarantees them a t-shirt. People don’t have to be pre-registered to attend, but it is limited to those who have a connection to USD 490, including younger siblings, although parents have to be in attendance with them.

The activities will be run by sponsors, coaches and their players.

“We wanted to show them some fun activities where they could get outside and move,” McCune said.

“You did not have to register early to participate, so we hope to see everyone there from grade school all the way to high school students,” Jennifer said.

For more information about 490 For Fitness, contact Jennifer Lane at 321-3310 or jennifer.lane or Kim McCune at 322-4830 or