Readers share stories of acts of kindness shown during the recent winter storm

Many people took advantage of the recent winter weather to assist others and perform selfless acts of kindness.

Our readers have shared some of their stories. If you’d like to let us know about a kind deed, email us at,, call our Viewpoints line at 775-6397, or call the office at 775-2218.

• Faye Teegarden reported that while she and her family had gone to an event on Sunday, they came home to find that someone had completely cleared the snow from their walks and driveway. She had no idea who the Good Samaritan was but was very thankful for their help.

• R. Mitchell wrote: “Just a Big "Thank you" to John at the Walnut township barn. Without his help I wouldn't have made it to my dialysis treatment Thursday morning. They took care of my driveway so I could get out and go. What a wonderful deed indeed. Thank you guys.”

• From Virginia Belt : Just want to say "Thank you" to all the city employees, mail employees, Department of Safety employees, and my paper girl for all they do in all kinds of weather and always willing to go that extra mile for our home folks. It is easy to sit by the fire and complain about missed mail and papers and their drive ways clogged. Where did the blocked in people plan to go? I have lived in the Augusta area my whole life and there is nowhere I would rather live. Thanks to you all.

• Ray Dickey shared this:  There is human kindness in Augusta. I complained about snow being shoved into my driveway by city trucks and when I looked out this evening, my driveway was clear of snow. My deep thanks to the kindness of who ever cleared my driveway.

• Ed Redwine said, “I have neighbors who are angels without wings. Lloyd, Kip and John have gone above and beyond to clear the foot of partly cloudy from my driveway last week and again this week. I am truly blessed to have them watching out for me.”

• Jennifer Bishop Yamamoto wrote, “My neighbor plowed our gravel drive...not just once Friday, but again today (Tuesday). Bless that man!”

• Carol Courtwright said, “I was going about my business this morning and looked to discover my driveway and ramp had been mysteriously cleaned off.”

• Judy Caudle Graves reported that her neighbor is taking care of my 93 year old mom. Bringing her mail in. Making sure she has groceries. God bless her.

• Michele Maier Spainhower said, “Three wonderful gentlemen pushed me out of a drift last week at Walmart and as I was shoveling my drive last Thursday, a very nice man and his two children stopped and helped me finish it off!”

• Jana Biehler- Kohls Neighbor reported that Ron Reavis spent the entire day snowblowing three driveways in her neighborhood. It was so nice of him.