Lowery, Hubbard and Reavis all win primaries by wide margins.

The primary election may be over but the General Election picture still hasn’t completely come into focus.

In Ward 1, Jason Lowery with 58% of the vote and incumbent Mike Martin with 25% of the vote appear to be headed for a General Election contest. Ken Brinkman came in third with 17% of the vote. Lowery received 61 votes to 27 for Martin and 17 for Brinkman.

In Ward 4, Ron Reavis and Danny Helmer will meet in the April 2 General election. Reavis, the incumbent in Ward 4, received 62% or 132 votes. Helmer tallied 33% or 70 votes while Rick Voison received 5% or 11 votes.

Of course, the Ward 3 General Election between incumbent Mike Rawlings and Cale Magruder has been set since the candidates filed.

Ward 2 will not be determined until the votes are canvassed at the Butler County Clerk’s office Monday.

Between the three Augusta City Council wards and the El Dorado Mayoral Primary Election, there were 53 provisional ballots cast.

The clerk’s office determined that only 5 of those provisional ballots are from Ward 2 in Augusta. Even with that few, because the margin is so small that the election could go either way or end up in a tie to be broken by a coin flip.

While Jamie Hubbard ran away with the primary, receiving 73% or 145 votes, Mark Knowles and incumbent Mike Huddleston are still hopeful to join her on the April 2 ballot.

Knowles finished Tuesday night with 28 votes to Huddleston’s 27.

A provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there are questions about a voter's eligibility.

Ballots are declared provisional when:
• The voter refuses to show a photo ID (in regions that require one).
• The voter's name does not appear on the electoral roll for the given precinct.
• The voter's registration contains inaccurate or out-dated information such as the wrong address or a misspelled name.
• The voter's ballot has already been recorded.

The County Clerk’s office will canvass the ballots Monday at 9 a.m. Those 53 ballots – including the 5 in Ward 2 - will be judged for eligibility and if valid, they will be counted.

Obviously, with only one vote separating the second and third place candidates in Ward 2, it is impossible to say who will join Hubbard on the ballot until after Monday’s process is complete.

2013 Butler County Primary
Augusta City Council WARD 1

* Jason P Lowery 58.1 %61 *

* Michael R Martin 25.71 %27 *

* Kenneth L Brinkman 16.19 %17 *

Augusta City Council WARD 2

* Jamie Hubbard 72.5 %145 *

* Mark Knowles 14 %28 *

* Michael Huddleston 13.5 %27 *

Augusta City Council WARD 4

* Ronald Reavis 61.97 %132 *

* Danny Helmer 32.86 %70 *

* Rick Voisin 5.16 %11 *