A walk across town on the sunny day after a snowstorm provides an opportunity to pause and reflect upon nature's beauty.

With a good pair of snow boots and sufficient winter outerwear, two feet were probably the best form of transportation the day after the first major snowstorm to hit the Pratt area since 2009. At least, that’s how I opted to commute to work and a couple of nearby appointments on Friday.

Walking gives you an opportunity to engage the senses in a way that driving a car, or even cycling, doesn’t.

It’s amazing how a blanket of snow transforms the landscape in an almost magical way. Empty, untrammeled lots throughout town, like the one at 3rd and Watson, offered pristine beauty. The brilliant blue sky that followed two dreary days of snow provided a feeling a peace and served as a good reminder that all storms eventually pass on.

Returning home afoot at the end of the workday provided a perfect opportunity to hear and see a plethora of birds filling the treetops and skies. As sun dipped closer to the horizon, it illuminated icicles that had formed in the tops of several trees, almost as if glass chandeliers crowned each one.

Perhaps the nicest surprise of the whole day came while I was shoveling the patio area in our backyard. I listened as a songbird repeatedly chimed its thanks, perhaps, that the snows had ended. I looked up to discover a cardinal in the top of a nearby tree, basking in the fading sunshine. That was a nice gift, as it always makes me think of me deceased grandmother, who loved the redbirds so.