Note: This is the second in a series of occasional blog postings about firearms.

I support and respect gun owners right to own guns.

     • I don’t support their right to bring guns into my home.

     • Especially when my grandchildren are with me.

I support and respect people who use their guns for hunting, target practice, or a hobby.

    • But studies show that only 60% of gun owners practice good gun safety.

     • I’m not comfortable with my grandchildren playing with friends in a home without knowing if they are gun owners and practice good gun safety.

     • See: What parents should know about guns.

I don’t like going into Braum’s or the local movie theater and seeing a gun strapped to the hip of the customer in front of me.

     • It doesn’t make me feel any safer.

     • In fact, I feel less safe.

I don’t know whether that person:

   • Has passed a background check

   • Has taken and passed a concealed carry class.

   • Is recently under a great deal of mental and emotional stress.

   • Has developed symptoms of an active mental illness since passing a background check.

   • Is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescriptions that affect cognition.

   • Practices good gun safety.

   • Is trigger happy and might start shooting someone in the mistaken belief that person is a danger.

We have a well-armed militia to protect us.

     • Trained law enforcement officers who have ongoing oversight of their psychological state and weapon competencies.

     • That includes local police departments, sheriff offices , state troopers, the army reserves, etc.

I understand that for some people carrying a gun helps them to psychologically feel stronger, tougher, and safer. Just as a cool sports car gives you a rush. Similar to wearing a uniform or other badge of power.

It doesn’t help me to feel safer. It’s scarier than ever to be out in public and in public places.

I believe that every private and public building has a right to post No Guns Allowed signs on their premises.

     • Homes, churches, museums, hospitals, schools, restaurants, drug stores, etc.

     • That includes Braum’s and the movie theaters.

Our government protects me from second-hand smoke in those venues.

     • I want it to protect me against guns and gun violence, too.


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• No Smoking Allowed signs can be purchased or downloaded for free on the internet, including at :