Scripture:   Numbers 2:1 The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron… 

Observation:  "The LORD said to Moses and Aaron… "  This phrase, or one very similar, is repeated over 50 times in the book of Numbers, and over 130 times in the Pentateuch. 

In Genesis 1, we find that one of the first three things revealed about God (one, that He is, and two, that he creates) is that He is a speaker.  "And God said … "  God talks.  God has much to say.  God communicates.  Here in Numbers that truth is emphasized again. 

The emphasis I see in Numbers is the personal aspect.  God said all of this to Moses and Aaron.  God talks to people.

A second emphasis that when God speaks so much, it is that he wants to use those people to speak to others.  It is not all for their own personal benefit.  It is to make them more valuable to God and to others.        

Application:    What God says to me today is not just for my benefit.  I must be faithful to pass it along to others.  God speaks to me and through me. 

Prayer:   Lord, I want to be faithful to apply your word to my life and to pass it along to others who may find you saying the same thing to them.    Amen 

Pastor Leon
Making friends for time and eternity!