Former long--time councilor has some timely advice

To the Gazette:

As a former City Council member, I would like to encourage every Augusta citizen to vote in the upcoming City Council primary and general elections being held on Feb. 26 and April 2, respectively.

The council members are stewards of our tax dollars and are charged with making decisions for the betterment of us all. When you go to the polls to cast your vote, do so knowing you’re making your voice heard.

The council position is a paid one and should be held in the highest regard. Choose the candidate for your ward that you feel will best represent you by researching the agenda topics, being at every meeting and being able to vote on every issue. Your ward representative should be present during every meeting of the council to be able to make an informed, educated decision. It takes all council members to provide equal representation of the citizens of all four wards. If a member is not in attendance or can not vote due to a conflict of interest, his or her constituents will not receive their owed representation.

I would encourage everyone to go to a City Council meeting, read the paper, contact the council person for your ward with concerns. It’s up to all of us to care for our city. Let’s choose our representatives with that in mind.

Bob Griffith