The Andover YMCA welcomed a new Executive Director earlier this month.

The Andover YMCA welcomed a new Executive Director earlier this month.
Shane Loy took over as Executive Director on January 14. Previously he was a YMCA Operations Manager in the suburbs of Chicago.
Loy is still getting settled into the position and acclimating to the area.
As Executive Director, he said right now he's focusing on supporting the staff.
"I'm still getting a feel for things, but the staff is a very strong team. They all get along and they work well together," Loy said.
Loy, his wife and daughter arrived in Kansas the Friday before he began his job.
"I'm still trying to get a feel for things," said Loy. "I'm exploring and learning about the area. I like the people. They're friendly and the area has a nice Midwestern feel to it."
Loy, who grew up in Iowa, said his hometown was too small to have a YMCA.
His career at the Y began in college. And although his degree is in math and teaching, he's been with the YMCA ever since.
He noted that every Y is a little different and Andover's building is a big reason why he took the job.
"It's a great facility for the entire family. We have something for everyone," Loy said.
He said every day, 2,000 people walk through the doors of the Andover YMCA.
"The Y is a staple in the community. It's a place where anyone can go, and with fee assistance, it is affordable for everyone," he said.
"My main goal right now is to learn the community. I want the Y and Andover to grow together and for the Y to help strengthen the community," said Loy.