Jim Wilson hopes to continue in this capacity, as he has filed to run for the District 2, Position 5 on the Butler Community College Board of Trustees.

When the Butler Community College Board of Trustees had a vacancy last summer, Jim Wilson stepped up to fill the position. He hopes to continue in this capacity, as he has filed to run for the District 2, Position 5 seat he currently holds.

The position represents the townships of Augusta, Prospect, Rosalia, Spring, Little Walnut, Glencoe, Walnut, Bloomington, Logan, Hickory, Douglass, Rock Creek, Clay and Union.

"My primary reason was to give back to the community that had done so much for me," said Wilson. "My plan is to continue to serve on the Board for as long as the public will re-elect me and for as long as I think I am making a positive contribution to the college's future. With any new position there is a learning curve and having been on the Board for just a few months, I'm just part way through or into that learning curve."

Wilson, who served as the CEO of Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital prior to his retirement in 2008, has been a Butler County resident since December 1985.

"I enjoy learning about the many different aspects of the college and how there is so much inter-relatedness," he said. "I enjoy using my critical thinking skills and drawing upon my experiences and values to help make the best decisions for the college. I enjoy being part of something that is successful. That success applies to the college itself, its many groups and its individual students."

Wilson appreciates what Butler offers to its students and the community.

"I like that the college has a good reputation," he said. "It provides many life-changing opportunities to so many individuals and it certainly makes a significant impact on our communities. I like the diversity there. It helps all of us better understand today's world."

He feels one of the biggest challenges facing the Board is replacing Butler President Dr. Jackie Vietti, who retired in December.

"The immediate goal for the Board of Trustees is to select the right person to replace Dr. Vietti and lead the college in the future," he said. "The challenges I see are very much related to our goals. We need to keep our education affordable. We need to concentrate on student success. We need to do whatever we can to make lifelong positive impacts on our students and have positive influences on the communities in our service area."

Wilson hopes to continue to stay involved and to help the Board make smart decisions for the future of the college.

"I want our Board to create an environment where everyone on our campuses makes good decisions," he said. "I want the Board to be informed and always be thinking of our various stake-holders when discussing agenda items and making decisions."

Wilson has two children and four step-children and seven grandchildren. He lives in Spring Township with his wife Helen, who is a teacher in Andover.