More than 5,000 Butler County residents will be affected by the change aimed at keeping the five commission districts populated evenly.

By a 4-0 vote, Butler County Commissioners Dan Woydziak, Peggy Palmer, Jeff Masterson and Mike Wheeler approved changes to commission districts within the county during their meeting last week.
After several weeks of lengthy discussions and two public hearings, the commissioners voted for changes that will help keep the county's population as evenly distributed among the five districts as possible.
The commissioners also wanted to keep as much urban/rural balance within each district as they could.
A total of 5,055 residents will be affected by the commission district changes.
The last time re-districting was done in Butler County was in 2003, when the commission expanded from three to five members.
Commissioner Bruce Harris did not vote, as his resignation was effective Dec. 18.
A resolution to accept the re-districting of Butler County will be presented to the commissioners for approval at a later meeting.