Augusta residents approved a 1% sales tax increase to help pay for a new waterline to El Dorado. 10 percent of the funds will be used for projects to be determined by the city council each year.

Every ward in Augusta overwhelmingly passed the 1% sales tax that will be used primarily to fund a new waterline to El Dorado.

Wards 3 and 4 were home to larger margins but even Ward One came in with more than 60% of voters in favor of the measure.

Mayor Kristey Williams was pleased with the results.

"Providing a funding stream for our water infrastructure needs to happen now," Mayor Williams said. "With the passage of the 1 percent sales tax, Augustans are saying 'Let's get it done.' I'm extremely pleased with the outcome."

The vote total was 2,285 to 1,001.The new tax goes into effect in April of 2013 - about the same time as the new Super Walmart is set to open.