Special meeting on Oct. 25th hosted by Cobblestone Hotels, LLC

A special meeting regarding the development of a new 50 to 60 unit Cobblestone Inns & Suites to be located on W. 7th in Augusta, will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 25, at The Points Events Center, 2101 N. Dearborn.

Jim Bortz, VP of Development Cobblestone Hotels, LLC will be the special guest, along with area business leaders and officials. Bortz will outline details of the development and community investment criteria. Potential investors are encouraged to attend.

To obtain more information and to view their existing properties and planned openings, go to www.staycobblestone.com.

One of their most recent grand openings was in Anthony, Kan.

Jim Bortz can be reached at jbortz@staycobblestone.com.

For more information concerning the meeting, contact Kent Overaker at the Augusta Chamber of Commerce, 316-258-6579 or 316-775-6339, or email to augustacoc@sbcglobal.net.