Lincoln Elementary School invited Augusta American Legion members to speak to the student body last Friday morning.  Harold Scheaffer, Post Adjutant, assisted by Karen Scheaffer, Auxiliary Unit Vice-President, gave a presentation about the various symbols of the United States, including the flag, the bald eagle, and Uncle Sam.  Following the presentation, post members Roy Pickett, John Tomlin, and Joe Vogel helped Mr. Scheaffer in a flag folding ceremony, while Myrna Rogers, Auxiliary President, read the meaning of each fold of the flag.
 Harold Scheaffer, a representative of the Joe Foss Institute, presented the book "A Proud American" an autobiograpahy written by Joe Foss, to the school principal for their library.  Myrna Rogers then presented a copy of the Braille Flag, including the pledge of allegiance in Braille, to the principal.  A spirited question and answer period followed, which allowed the students time to ask questions of any of the presenters.