Have you ever wondered exactly how much water the Augusta City Swimming Pool holds?
Answer: 350,000 gallons.
That’s a lot of water. In conjunction with its Summer Reading Program, the Augusta Public Library is asking the community to come together and “fill” the pool with pages read this summer.
Join a summer reading program and keep track of the number of pages read each week. Library staff will keep track of the community’s reading and all will watch the pool fill up.
“Maybe we can even fill it two or three times - who knows!” said Carol Courtwright,, Adult Services  library staffer.
Signup for the pool-filling reader effort begins today (May 26) for all age levels.
Children through fifth grade have “Make A Splash @ Your Library.” A kickoff beach party is planned from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. June 3.
Whether you’re a preschool “minnow”m a K-2 “starfish,” or a 3-5 “shark” there will be special programs all summer for you.
Young adults from sixth through 12th grade will “Make Waves @ Your Library.”  ?This kickoff event will begin at 1 p.m. tomorrow and Thursdays thereafter  including gaming and movie nights.
Adults can participate in the ”Water Your Mind: Read!” reading program. They can win weekly prizes donated by local businesses. At the end of summer, one lucky adult will win a flat-screen TV donated by Walmart and the Augusta Public Library. Several movies and programs are planned for adults as well.
Everyone is invited to stop by the library and participate in the community effort to fill the pool with 350,000 pages or more.