Tuesday afternoon--after tears from G in response to his sister hurting his feelings (very uncommon, as he rarely cries), tears from Little Missy in trying to explain why she’d been mean to her brother (not uncommon, as she cries quite a bit)--I sent both of them to their bedrooms for naps. They haven’t taken daily naps in over a year and a half but every once in a while I banish them to their rooms when I can tell they are out of sorts. And Tuesday was definitely one of those days. G fell right to sleep, whereas Little Missy stayed up and poured every toy in her room onto her floor and onto her bed. But she did it quietly and stayed happily content while her brother and I slept, so I was fine with it.
 That night, about an hour after Hubby and I had put the kids in bed, G hollered out to me. I went to his bedroom to ask what was wrong and he told me he couldn’t sleep. Yes, the problems with naps. The inability to sleep at the appropriate time that night. I told him he could look at books in bed or get a few toys to play with until he got tired. He looked at me with his big green eyes. “Can you lay down with me for a little bit?”
 I looked at him, remembering how hard I’d worked to break him and his sister of the family bed, but a split second later I said “Sure, I’ll be right back.” Because he never asks me to lay down with him anymore, rarely needs snuggles, and I need to bounce on every offer he gives. So a few minutes later he laid in his sleeping bag (a whole other story), I laid underneath a blanket from the couch, both of our heads rested on his Thomas the Train pillowcase, and the grin on his face reached from ear to ear.
 “What do you wanna chat about?” he asked.
 “Your choice,” I responded.
 So we chatted about how his sister had hurt his feelings, and we chatted about how the doctor says Baby Tres is growing just as she should, and we chatted about t-ball and his last day of preschool and kindergarten in the fall. Then I read him a book, gave him another hug and kiss and left, grateful my precious son still wants to spend time with me, happy to do nothing more than chat for a while.