Although the Prairie Port Medallion was found, it was not turned in.

Although the Prairie Port Medallion was found, it was not turned in.

The Prairie Port Committee set a deadline of 5 p.m. Monday for it to be turned in.

Because no one claimed the prize, the committee looked at an alternative way to give away the prize money.

They are looking at drawing 10 Prairie Port button numbers a day to find a winner. Details on that contest will appear in Wednesday’s edition of the Times.

The medallion was hidden at under the middle bush at the south end of the Bradford Memorial Library parking lot.

The following are the explanations of the clues:

July 20 – The first president was George Washington. Washington Street, as well as the first Washington school, will lead you to the medallion.

July 21 – The first Washington school was a 2 1/2-story red brick building. Also on site was a white frame house used for kindergarten.

July 22 – A library and a neighborhood park are in the place of the school and the playground, where many schoolyard scuffles took place.

July 23 – The school is no longer there. It is now a library. Across the street south was Wilson’s, a neighborhood grocery store.

July 24 – Read, as in what you do in a library, find the bushes surrounding the building.

July 25 – At the south entrance of the parking lot. There are three bushes. The medallion is hidden under the middle bush.