A diverse set of items were presented as the Butler County Commissioners held their meeting on Tuesday.

A diverse set of items were presented as the Butler County Commissioners held their meeting on Tuesday.

Michael and Patricia Holmes went before commissioners first to represent their request for a conditional use permit so they could pursue establishing and operating a breeding kennel and dog training facility on rural residential property.

The commissioners deliberated over concern about potential problems that could arise, though the commissioners came to decide that those concerns were being properly addressed.

Concerns about noise are resolved with the property’s distance from nearby properties, danger concerns would be addressed with proper fencing and concerns related to excessive numbers of dogs being on the site were resolved after close discussion between the commissioners and the Holmes. The agreement decided upon was that no more than 20 dogs would be kenneled at the facility at the same, though actual numbers could exceed that only in terms of dogs on site for training sessions.

Patricia Holmes noted that oversight to make sure the facility would remain under proper compliance with regulations was already present, with Holmes herself being a member of a group that advocates against improper breeding.

She also stated she would be performing background checks on the dogs accepted for training to make sure they had been properly socialized to handle being around other dogs and with the training sessions lasting an hour, any inflation of numbers of dogs on the site outside of the kenneled 20 would not be present on the grounds for an extended period of time. With these factors in mind, the commission approved the request 5-0.

Next the commission considered a request to surplus an Epson SVGA portable projector to Flinthills Services, Inc. CSP. It was noted they had borrowed the projector on several occasions before and it would continue to be utilized for benefit of the company in employee training. The commission agreed to the surplus.

Next came a resubmission to approve agreement with the Kansas Medical Assistance Program. A number of changes, most minor, had been made to that plan and the plan must be mandatorily resubmitted when such changes are made. With no problems concerning it, the commission approved the item.

Emmaus Mennonite Church was the subject of another item, which was inquiring into agreement with the right-of-way with the land acquired for the new church site. With the north and south side of the lot unavailable and with east side already under a right-of-way, it was agreed the west side would be a proper location. The motion to approve passed unanimously.

One of the last items the commission came right to their doorstep, literally, as they approved the contract with Conco Construction at $113,200 for repair of the Butler County Courthouse steps. About three to four weeks will be spent with demolition before repairs start, with a completion date of Sept. 25.