Editor’s note: The following is a correction to the article “County concerned over asphalt shortage” which appeared in Monday’s times. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience the mistakes may have caused.

The Butler County Commission is looking at a shortage of liquid asphalt due to the bankruptcy filed by SemMaterials, the company that currently has the county’s contract for liquid asphalt.

“This put us in a challenge to get all the oil we need to finish our work,” said Darryl Lutz, county engineer.

The county purchased the supplies they need for road maintenance from SemMaterials.

Apac, reported as having filed bankruptcy in the story, has not filed bankruptcy and Lutz said it is a sound international company.

The county has received most of the liquid asphalt they ordered this year from SemMaterials, although their purchases for the remainder of the year may be limited.

“Our concern is what is going to happen next year,” Lutz said.

SemMaterials has a terminal in El Dorado, and without that, the next closest terminal is
in Kansas City, increasing the county’s costs to $3.30 a gallon for road seal oil. The county currently is purchasing road seal oil from SemMaterials for $1.37 a gallon.

The lack of asphalt cements also has caused uncertainty over whether the county will be able to get some of the mix materials, such as hot-mix asphalt material, they have ordered from Apac, but it is not known yet what, if any, affect the county will see from this. It is possible some projects may not be able to go through if the county can’t get the needed materials.

These events have not impacted any contracts the county has with Cornejo and Sons, Inc. as stated in the story. Cornejo currently is not involved with any projects with the county.

It also was reported in the story that the county approved the rental of roll-off boxes for scrap metal from the city of El Dorado. The County Commission authorized the public works department to rent roll-off boxes and receive roll-off box service from Savage Services on a trial basis for the scrap metal program at the landfill.

The county does have the city service some roll-off boxes at the landfill, but they are used to haul trash to the landfill from the county’s scale house and does not have anything to do with the scrap metal program.

“We’ve been recycling the scrap metal at the landfill for 25 years,” Lutz said. 

Their current vendor is defaulting on the county, so they are looking at doing the recycling themselves.