City staff and Council members would like to see a cash carryover at the end of this year enabling Augusta to make a down payment on a new 70-foot aerial fire truck replacing one that has served the community for 37 years.
It would take several years to pay off the estimated $800,000 truck, available to the safety department in about a year, if a down payment is made and a multi-year financing plan is worked out.
City Manager Bill Keefer and Safety Chief Tyler Brewer spoke to the fire truck need at Monday night’s budget workshop.
The other financing options for a new truck would be a one mil levy. Another would be the issuance of general obligation bonds.
Having some budget workshop knowledge of truck item, Councilman Tom Leffler visited the fire station over the weekend to personally inspect the aging fire engine.
“From a distance it looks like a great old truck,” he told his fellow Council members, “but up close it’s in very poor shape.”
Acquisition of a new truck would put the 1972 aerial truck into retirement. Engine 4 (a 1980 aerial) would move up as the second out vehicle for major fire situations. The first out area truck was purchased seven years ago to replace a 1968 engine for the fire division of the Augusta Safety Department.
City staffers will be re-evaluating the cash carryover picture at the end of this year.