Butler Community College is planning to share a host of tips for keeping the garden growing during the frosty winter weather. From 1 to 2:30 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 9, Butler of Andover will clue you in on how to have a successful winter garden.
Enroll in “Grow A Winter Vegetable Garden Without A Greenhouse” (NC 801) by Friday, Aug. 1 to ensure a spot in the class. The cost is $35 per family. To enroll, call (316) 322-3193 or 733-3193 toll free from Wichita/metro area
Imagine brushing back the January snow from your winter garden to pick fresh lettuce, spinach, carrots and several other fresh greens for the supper table.
Despite the sometimes bitter Kansas cold, you can grow and harvest fresh greens all winter long.
If you’re tired of paying high prices for weeks-old veggies trucked in from out of state, let Butler help you find out how to save that money.
Whether your space is large or small, you can beat those prices by growing your own veggies and enjoy the freshest organically grown harvest possible. After the first frost, there will be no competition from weeds or insects. All you will have to do is harvest your bounty and keep it watered.
The class will discuss the process of selecting cold-hardy crops (and there are many), planting dates and simple inexpensive structures you and your family can complete in a few hours to protect your harvest from the wiles of the Kansas winter.