The Butler Community College Board of Trustees gathered Wednesday afternoon for a special board meeting to discuss approval of a public hearing and several budget topics.

The Butler Community College Board of Trustees gathered Wednesday afternoon for a special board meeting to discuss approval of a public hearing and several budget topics.

The board had held a recent work session on July 17 to discuss arrangement to publish the FY 09 Notice of Public Hearing.

The actual public hearing is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Aug. 9 in the Purple Room of the BOE Student Union.

Kent Williams, vice president of finance, presented the board with the operating budget update.

“Each year we raise the legal budget, so that we have the ability in case there are unexpected revenues we do that by also raising the non-tax revenues, so that it doesn’t effect the mill levy,” he said. “We do a reconciliation of that every year.

“We put $2.5 million in there, that will be strictly in case there is a donor or we have an expenditure, but it’s strictly non-cash revenue. It’s just a contingency.”

The update included an enrollment estimate.

The college estimates credit hours for tuition and fee calculations for 2009 In-State to decrease 6 percent from the 2008 calculation which was 156,878.

The Out-of-State hours for tuition and fee calculations is also expected to decrease 6 percent, as well as international.

The totals for 2007 were 174,406, which decreased to 169,244 in 2008.

The totals are again anticipated to decrease in 2009, making them 159,077.

The state operating grant for 2009 is based on information received from the Kansas Board of Regents.

This grant is estimated to increase in 2009.

Total revenues for 2008 were figured to be $39,854,056.

In 2009 the college has estimated a loss of $132,743, making the potential total for ‘09 $39,721,313.

The operating budget update also included preliminary budget recommendations and recommended expenditures for the coming year.

The five-year model that was presented in the update and included revenue and projection model for operating funds with the Welcome Center.

“The model shows actual figures you’re going to see on the budget and also projected,” said Williams.

The administration recommended that the board approve the Notice of Public Hearing for the legal budget for the 2009 year with the maximum amount of expenditures of $67,296,898 with the amount of 2009 tax to be levied of $10,602,619.

“We’ll have the public hearing here in the Purple Room preceding the original meeting, and you can see that there will be a .9 mill increase that we discussed,” said Williams.

“You know I can’t support a mill increase,”?said Carter Zerbe, trustee. “With due respect to my fellow trustees, I will not be supporting this.”

“The administration did not plan to recommend that either,” said Vietti. “For clarification there are additional details.”

The operating budget update also consisted of capital improvement projects which include: completion of the 5000 building, the Welcome Center, the Residence Hall, some deferred maintenance, campus signage, monument signage, Champions Training Center and improvement of agriculture facilities.

The completion of the 5000 building’s facade is estimated to be in the Spring of 2009.

The 9100 classrooms and offices are planned to be complete by this coming fall and the concrete floor repair should be complete at the close of this summer.

Some of the college’s mid- to long-range improvement projects include: added classrooms for the 5000 building, as well as improvements for critical needs and bookstore relocation.

Roof replacement is also planned for 2011 to 2013. Also the college is planning a project for a Cultural Arts Center and an Advanced Technology Center.

The board plans to meet again on Aug. 12.