Following an executive session of the Augusta Unified School District 402 Board of Education last week, Assistant Superintendent John Black was given an 8.1 percent salary increase and the title of Deputy Superintendent.
His previous title was Assistant Superintendent of Human and Financial Resources. Along with the new, shorter title will come additional district duties, said Deputy Black.
His new annual salary will be $86,150.
In that same motion  the School Board approved recommended 4 percent salary increases for classified personnel.
Three exceptions were made for administrators.
One of those exceptions was for Black as reported above.
Garfield School Principal Kim Christner will receive a 6 percent salary increase putting her new compensation at $65,258.
District Superintendent Jim Lentz waived a salary hike for nine additional days of vacation.  His annual pay will remain at $107,747.
New salary levels for other Unified School District 402 administrators follow:
Ewalt School Principal Greg Clark - $59,959.
Robinson School Principal Greg Taylor - $64,464.
Lincoln School Principal Pam Karslake - $64,952.

Augusta Middle School Principal Eileen Dreiling - $65,936.
AMS Assistant Principal Lyle Dosser - $56,242.
Augusta High Principal Paul Larkin - $78,612.
AHS  Assistant Principal Craig Thompson - $58,210.

Assistant Superintendent  Lisa Brookover - $82,444.
The motion by Board Vice President Carey Lee, with second by Board Member Larry Winter, when the BOE?returned to open session was approved by a 6-0 vote.