July 27 - Aug. 2, 1958
Augusta had a new veterinarian, Glenn Hoskinson.  He was working from his home, but planning to open an office soon.
Postage rates were increasing; first class letters were going up from 3 cents to 4 cents.
A family was left at Santa Fe Lake by another couple they were traveling with from New York.  The family advised they were from Massachusetts and had only a few dollars.  The local welfare office had tried to help them with bus fare to Kansas City, but they refused and wanted to stay at the lake.  The city manager was trying to determine how long the family would be permitted to stay at the lake.

July 25 - Aug. 1, 1968
The USD 402 Board of Education awarded McBride & Dehmer Construction of Wichita the general contract to build the new high school.  The base bid was $1,064,500 with completion set for 550 days.
The official Augusta, Kansas Centennial Souvenir Plate was available for $2.50.  The plate, a collector’s item, depicted 100 years of Augusta’s progress.
Hollywood had come to Butler County.  MGM crews were in El Dorado and Benton filming the movie “Gypsy Moths” staring Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr.

July 27 - Aug. 2, 1978
For the third straight year the Lily Lake 4-H Club captured the championship and the traveling trophy at the Butler County 4-H Horse Show.  As a result, the club got to keep the trophy.
Dr. Robert “Bob” Whittaker was the official winner of the five-way Republican race for the Fifth District Congressional seat.
A $402,000 project to place new, high capacity telephone cable between Augusta, Douglass and Rock was under way. The cable would be able to carry up to 24 simultaneous conversations on a single pair of wires.

July 25 - Aug. 1, 1988
Twenty landowners near Kelly and Custer Lane were protesting a zoning change to allow duplexes for the elderly in the area.
The grand champion steer at the Butler County 4-H Fair was shown by Scott Simmons of the Lily Lake Club.  The 1,234-pound steer brought $1,350.

July 27 - Aug. 2, 1998
The Augusta Chamber of Commerce announced the first winner of the Community HeartLight Award.  Jean Randolph was named the recipient of the award for her dedication to volunteering.
First place in the Augusta Church Softball tournament went to  Valley Hope No. 1.
Augusta’s Board of Education elected Randy McDaniel as president and Ken Bratton as vice president.