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Awarding contracts for state-owned casinos in Sumner and Cherokee counties won't be easy after the state review board received a wealth of information about applicants, the board's chairman said Friday.
"It's going to be a balancing act with a number of a factors. There are advantages and disadvantages with each proposal and we'll have to weigh those," said Matt All, chairman of the seven-member Lottery Gaming Facility Review Board.
The board spent two days hearing from their consultants and the applicants.
The board will decide Aug. 21-22 who gets the single 15-year contract in each county.
In Sumner County, the applicants are Harrah's Entertainment Inc., Marvel Gaming and Penn National Gaming Inc. Penn is the only applicant in Cherokee County.
"The bottom line is: What do the financial numbers say about their proposals and what risks would we take going with one or the other?" All said.
The board faces the same issues Sept. 2-3, when it considers four applicants for Wyandotte County and two for Ford County. It will award those contracts on Sept. 18-19.