Guthery, Self will be adding tanning beds

Next week, operators of the downtown tanning salon will be opening a site on the highway.
Business partners Sebastian Guthery and Brian Self have owned The Tanning Shack at 404 State Street since 2003. It was formerly called Body Toner Plus.
The Shack has eight beds and an array of tanning lotions and moisturizers. They sell the lotions for home use at less than most retail markets.
“We specialize in tanning,” said Guthery, distinguishing the business from tanning beds in some local beauty shops.
“Our goal is to help people achieve the best tan possible while teaching them how to avoid sunburn, and overexposure,”  they said.
At the new location in the 100 block of East Seventh, Guthery, Self and their six employees will have 11 tanning beds and the added feature of airbrush tanning.
Guthery says females make up more than 90 percent of  their customer base, but the Shack has male patrons too.
Neither Guthery nor Self have college business degrees, but they’ve been successful at this venture for a half decade.
The shop in the 400 block of State has approximately 1,400 square feet. The new space on Seventh Street has 2,400 square feet.
Self grew up in the Augusta neighborhood behind the new store. It was a convenience store when he was a youngster.
These tanning businessmen are in their mid-20s. They chose to put their business in a small community outside Wichita because there are “less start up costs” in a small town.
They have customers from Augusta as well as this area who don’t want to drive into Wichita.
“We apppreciate all the support we have received from Augusta and area customers,” said Guthery, ”We are glad they chose us for their tanning needs.”
Self is working day and night to get the new shop open next week. He expects to use the State Street location for product distribution.
You schedule your tanning time by minutes or by weekly and monthly sessions. The cost of a single session is $5. A six-month unlimited package runs $159.
These young men assess customer skin type, direct customers in the choice of lotions and regulate the best amount of ultra violet  light received by each customer.
Both say they’ve had  would-be vacationers who have used their service to get a pre-tan before visiting to warmer clime.
“You can get a base tan in about a month,” said Guthery