Sometimes it feels like consumerism dominates the Christmas season. It's easy to forget peace on earth while racing through stores on Black Friday, hitting up local shops for good deals on Small Business Saturday or scouring the Internet on Cyber Monday.

None of those pseudo-holidays are inherently bad (as long as Thanksgiving doesn't continue becoming "Black Thursday"), but we should be careful not to lose the true "spirit of Christmas" in the midst of the shopping spree. Thus, at the end of the weekend-long spending binge, the dusk of Black Friday finally turns to the dawn of Giving Tuesday.

The event started five years ago to combat the commercialization of Christmas and related holidays; observing Giving Tuesday means donating money to nonprofits and charitable organizations. Some of these organizations have donation goals to reach for Giving Tuesday, and you can help raise awareness for your chosen organization's campaign – and the day itself – by sharing the #GivingTuesday hashtag on social media today. Hopefully, people around the world will benefit increasingly more year after year from those who donate on Giving Tuesday.

Some groups that are accepting donations today are: HeartSupport, Niños de Mexico, White Collar Sideshow, The Salvation Army, XXXchurch, World Vision, Voice of the Martyrs, Come&Live! and many more. Online donations are an option for a large amount of organizations.

Find a cause and give some cash. Together, we can make a big change with a little pocket change. And maybe there'll be more good will toward men this Christmas.