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KanCare needs to be expanded

To the Editor,
On Oct. 26, the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas held a public meeting in El Dorado, hosted by Women for Kansas, Butler County.  The goals of the alliance are improving and expanding KanCare by accepting federal Medicaid money. So far the state has turned back over $2 billion.  That is $1.9 million of our federal tax money every day.  These funds are now going to other states.
Because of this, 150,000 Kansans go without health care because they fall into a coverage gap – they earn too much to qualify for the current KanCare program, but too little to get financial help from the ACA or to buy a private plan. Many rural Kansas hospitals are in danger of closing.
Expanding KanCare is projected to bring more than $6.6 million a year to Butler County. 1,569 residents of the county would gain access to preventive health care, giving them financial security so they can become full contributors in their communities.  It would create 42 new jobs for doctors, nurses, medical support staff, and others.  This would start a chain reaction that would boost our local economy and grow small businesses.
In the last legislative session, a bill passed that would allow Kansas to accept federal funds. However, Governor Brownback vetoed this bill.  The Legislature failed by two votes and the Senate by three to override the veto.  Contact your state legislator and senator and tell them that Kansas needs to accept this money.

Annie Wilson
Becky Weston
Butler County Chapter
Women for Kansas