Service is labor of love

On September 5, 1882, America celebrated its first Labor Day. President Grover Cleveland set aside this day as a national holiday and established a day of rest for workers. This holiday weekend, my hope is we all find some time to rest, recharge and reflect (even for those working).
From our rest, we are better positioned finding peace, perspective, thankfulness, and appreciation for all that we do (our work), all that we are (or are not), and all that we have and cherish (family & friends). Without rest, we easily fall prey to monotony without passion, fatigue that invites stress and illness, and an attitude that misses out on the purpose of life – our purpose.
During my time as Mayor of Augusta, I loved pouring out my heart for our community. It was my passion. My purpose. This is a wonderful town and easy to love – just consider Mayor Matt Childers’ recent article entitled ‘Delivery of Promises,’ and you’ll have half a glimpse of why we are special and why we should continue to move in a direction that brings good things to our community. I appreciate the vision and hard work of our City leaders and staff who are building further investment in our infrastructure.  
Investment matters. This community invested in me – in all of us. When I was young, I was a Robinson Roadrunner and eventually I proudly graduated from AHS. This community gave me the foundation to appreciate hard work, build my faith in God, cherish people, and aspire to be good and to do good things.
Now I serve as your State Representative in the Kansas House. This is another ‘labor of love’ for me. You see, I know our community. I’ve seen our very best. I’ve seen and led 3,000 volunteers build our Play Park (often referred now as ‘Castle Park) in six days back in 2003. I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of dollars given from one neighbor to another to revitalize our historic downtown to build pride. I’ve seen friends and strangers help each other during our years of flooding, the last major one in 1998. I’ve watched businesses come and go for a host of reasons and I’ve felt the effects of my friends moving away because their parents lost their jobs (or were relocated) when the Mobil Refinery closed in 1983. I’ve seen a lot in my almost 47 years and I appreciate all the lessons that I have learned – the good and the bad. I appreciate this community.
Now I serve beyond our city limits and also represent the communities of Douglass, Rose Hill, and part of Andover. These are beautiful places to me with equally hard-working, innovative, and good people. It’s my desire to continue this ‘labor of love’ reaching out to all I serve in the 77th District. It doesn’t matter where you live, if I’m your representative – please know I’m available to help. When you have questions regarding the State, concerns about our government’s direction, or want to better understand why issues such as school finance or our current tax structure are so controversial – I am most happy to help provide insight. We won’t always agree, but more times than not, as we listen and learn – we will understand.
This Labor Day, I want to thank my constituents of the 77th for entrusting me to represent your views and values. It is an honor to serve you. I want to thank my family, especially my husband Joe, four children, and Mother Hazel, for all their love and support. And finally, I’d like to thank God for giving me love for this greater community of people in southcentral Kansas called the 77th District. Happy Labor Day!

Kristey Williams is Kansas District 77 Representative.  email: