The world is changing.

For more than a century, there has been a newspaper office in Augusta.
That made the decision to close the Times-Gazette office here difficult.
The Gazette had a long and storied history with some of the best journalists to ever put ink on paper working out of that office. In 2013, the Butler County newspapers in Augusta, El Dorado and Andover came together to provide a bigger, better paper.
Now, there will only be one office.
That is a big change, but there have been big changes in the way all news organizations operate. A journalist can do more with a laptop and internet connection now than they could with a fully equipped office decades ago.
Customers can do more online, with an email or even a phone call than they could by walking through the front door of an office in years past.
The Times-Gazette has never been about the doorstep you cross to come into the office. The Times-Gazette is about the doorstep where your newspaper is delivered.
The changes to the product will be for the better. Streamlining operations to one office gives the news staff more time for impactful articles that take time to research and produce. The entire staff will still be hard at work covering news and sports, and producing human interest stories that highlight the best of Augusta.
All changes take time to grow accustomed to the new normal. Closing an office here will be no different.
The good news is that there will still be good news. Our award winning staff won’t meet in an office in downtown Augusta, but they will keep producing a newspaper that serves this community as well as ever.
The world is changing and we are changing with it. The decision to close the Augusta office is one of those changes.
We have more readers now than ever before. They read the news in many different places and many different ways.
Augusta newspapers have a rich history. The Times-Gazette has a bright future in Augusta. The success of the newspaper was never about the location of the office. It was about the people of Augusta and what they do to make their community great.

    - The Times-Gazette staff