Our readers write to us

Where is the outrage?

To the Editor,
Happy Fourth of July!  My favorite holiday - our politicians get their voice back and extol all of what our founding fathers did to establish the greatest nation in all history.
I wonder if they will mention the Bible was the cornerstone of our U.S. Constitution and that prayer to Almighty God was their source of strength and wisdom?  Jesus conquered death when He was resurrected from death and burial forever!  
During America’s inception the pulpit was key to informing and inspiring America’s citizens.
Perhaps our leaders will explain, or attempt to explain, how a few judges can legalize the murder of 60 million innocent babies by a hideous and despicable act exacerbated by the sale of body parts.
They can give an explanation of how a few can desecrate the institution of marriage established by God upon creation of Adam and Eve.
I’m still waiting for the privy patrol.  Will it be controlled by state or federal bureaucrats?
Where is the outrage America felt on Sept. 11, 2001?  It did not require 16 years to exact the total surrender from that country after the Pearl Harbor attack while we were engaged in war with many countries who threatened our freedom and very existence.

Gary Job
El Dorado