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Man touched by act of kindness

To the Editor,
Windy was my first little Schnauzer dog and best friend.  I took her everywhere that was pet friendly.  She was great with little kids and entertainment for adults.
I was contacted by the Augusta Animal Clinic around 5 p.m. one afternoon to let me know that Windy had been hit by a car  I drove to the Augusta Animal Clinic thinking “It can’t be my dog because I just saw her!”
Apparently a lady drove by as the dog was  hit and she stopped immediately to help Windy.  If there was any hope for Windy, she was getting all of the attention possible to survive.  The pain in my heart was lightened by the lady’s act of kindness.
I bought a thank you card and took it around to places that Windy and I would go to visit. I shared the news about the lady’s random act of kindness and a friend suggested that he would donate $10 to give to the lady.  I thought that was a great idea so I asked Windy’s other friends for donations and filled two thank you cards for her and I left them for her at the Augusta Animal Clinic.
A few weeks later, I received a sympathy card from the nice lady explaining that she had lost her dog a few years before, as well, and she was very sorry for my loss.  She also stated that she doubled the donated money and gave it to Beauties & Beasts Animal Rescue.

Cowboy Joe Ammann
Rural Augusta