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Youth Basketball supports Rec Commission

To the Editor,
For over 42 years, Augusta Youth Basketball has strived to teach the youth of Augusta the great sport of basketball.  Every fall, nearly 300 of Augusta’s youth sign up to join a team and play this awesome game.  
Beginning in November and wrapping up in March, basketball is the longest youth season in town.  I want to draw your attention to one key word – volunteers.  Keeping rules updated, maintaining a website, distributing sign-up sheets and soliciting sponsorships.  Also recruiting coaches and organizing drafts. Plus ordering shirts, trophies and organizing pictures.  Additionally, finding referees, training referees and hiring scorekeepers.  
Also, creating game schedules for nearly 40 teams, coordinating and supervising three gyms simultaneously in town and another three or four in other towns for the older children.  Having board representation at nearly 200 games at all of these locations, making sure fans are supporting the children and referees are doing their job.  Then, updating standings, recording scores, coordinating tournaments.  Keep in mind, these volunteers have usually have a child involved and coach a team of their own as well and work full time jobs.
Can youth activities continue to survive solely on volunteers like it does now?  Maybe.  By establishing a Recreation Commission, you can assure the youth of Augusta consistency and longevity.  We, as a board of directors for Augusta Youth Basketball, do support the development of a Recreation Commission in Augusta and with USD 402.  We fully expect this to ensure youth basketball in Augusta remains a long-term success.

Thank you,
Augusta Youth Basketball Board
Eric, Tyson, Monica, Emily, Andy, TJ, Amber, Mike, Laura and Johnney