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AHS Booster Club supports Recreation Commission

To the Editor and Augusta residents,
We are writing this letter in support of the creation of a Recreation Commission for the City of Augusta, and asking you to vote YES, on the mail in ballot.  We are so blessed to live in a community that encourages all ages to be active and involved.  The formation of a formal recreation commission will serve as a vital source for organization and communication between all of the amazing volunteer boards and groups and allow for even more activities and options for both young and old.  We are excited to see what this new venture will bring to our community.  
The Augusta High School Booster Club is proud to offer its support and endorsement for the formation of an Augusta Recreation Commission.

Angie Johnston-President
Jenny Uhrmacher-Vice President
Nicole Hall-Secretary
Tracy Swartz-Membership

Political letters deadline
Letters to the editor will be accepted up until 5 p.m. six calendar days before the April 25th deadline to return ballots on whether to approve an Augusta Recreation Commission and a 1 mill levy increase.
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