History of Butler County newspapers

Straying from the usual format for the weekly Yesterdays,  I want to share some interesting facts found in “History of Kansas Newspapers” by the Kansas State Historical Society and Department of Archives, 1916.  The book is a history of the newspapers and magazines published in Kansas from the organization of Kansas Territory 1854, to Jan. 1, 1916.
The wonderful old book states in the forward, “One of the great things done by the Kansas newspaper men was the founding of the Kansas State Historical Society.  And the Society has always recognized its obligation to the Kansas press...One feature of the Society’s superior activities is the newspaper collection.  A copy of every issue of every paper published in Kansas is furnished the Historical Society for its files.  This collection reaches back to the founding of the Society in 1875...Kansas is the pioneer in this idea of preserving the state’s newspapers.”
The lists of publications, up to 1916, for Augusta is as follows:
Augusta News, founded in 1889 by Olin W. Meacham and J.P. Rice; succeeded in 1890 by the Industrial Advocate, W.L. Holcom, editor, and Olin W. Meacham, business manager; moved to El Dorado in 1891, J.F. Todd and J.C. Riley, Jr., editors and proprietors.  A daily edition of the Industrial Advocate was started by Todd and Riley in 1892 and later discontinued.  
The Bugle, a weekly, began in February of 1915, H.E. Seby, editor and publisher.
The Gazette, Joe M. Satterthwaite, Jr., editor and publisher.  Weekly, 1892 - 1908; Daily, began in 1903.
The Daily Gazette, founded in 1903 by Timothy Sexton, was a continuation of the weekly Gazette founded in 1892 by Mr. Sexton and O.J. Bradfield; the weekly was discontinued in 1903.
The Journal, a weekly, began in 1887,  W.L. Dickey, editor and publisher.  
The Southern Kansas Gazette was founded in 1878 by C.H. and W. J. Kurtz; consolidated with the Journal in 1887.  A daily edition  of the Journal was started in 1907 by Will H. Cady and discontinued in 1909.
The short-lived papers in Augusta:
The Butler County Beacon, March 10-June 9, 1894; Crescent, Aug. 17, 1807; Sunflower, Feb. - July 1894.
Advance, 1883-1884; Electric Light, 1884-1889; Industrial Advocate, 1890-1891; Republican, 1873 - 1883.

El Dorado
In 1915, the Republican weekly and daily were being published.  Mrs. Marie Antoinette Murdock was editor and publisher.   The paper began in 1883 and founded by T.B. Murdock.
Walnut Valley Times, C.C. Shelden, editor and publisher; weekly, founded in 1874; daily founded in 1887.
The discontinued papers in El Dorado:
Butler County Citizen, 1893-1895
Butler County Democrat, 1881-1891
Democrat and News, 1896-1897
Eagle, 1882-1883
Educational Advance, 1893-1894
Eli, 1890-1891
Industrial Advocate, 1891-1913

Other Butler County communities with newspapers in 1916 -
Douglass: The Tribune began in 1884, with J.M. Satterthwaite as editor and publisher.
Leon: The News, J.S. Martin, editor and publisher, was founded in 1911.
Potwin: The Ledger, was founded in 1915, J.D. Burton, editor and publisher.
Towanda:  The News, George W. Moore, editor and publisher, founded in 1905.
Benton: The Bulletin, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Millsap, editors and publishers, founded in 1913.
Latham: The Mirror, T.E. Trigg, editor and publisher, founded in 1901.
Whitewater: The Independent, founded in 1896, E. Davis, managing editor.