American travel company Expedia, Inc. put together a list titled “Best place to escape to in every state” by blogger Lily Rogers earlier this month. El Dorado was selected as the best spot in Kansas.

The entry states:

“El Dorado State Park, the largest state park in Kansas, is at your fingertips. The horse trails include hitching posts on the shoreline and campsites with corrals and other equestrian amenities. Explore the surrounding Flint Hills, the continent’s largest remaining tract of tallgrass, and let blankets of wildflowers envelope your senses. Rent a boat from Shady Creek to paddle away your stress, then toast to the simple life at the Walnut River Brewing Company. Escape into a sweeter world at The Sweet Mercantile chocolate shop.”

There were multiple reasons behind selecting El Dorado for the list.

“We chose El Dorado because it’s accessible from so many areas yet stands alone for its green spaces, lake and magnificent state park. Whether you want to sit down with a cold beer or bike through parks along a maintained path, any activity seems just right for relaxing. This town makes us want to revel in nature and just enjoy life,” Rogers said.