Local veteran honored

On Thursday, Nov. 9, KPTS - Channel 8 recognized four outstanding veterans and one local business that serves veterans at its Veterans Coming Home Event:     A Banquet Honoring our Veterans 2017.
During the program, Victor Hogstrom, President & CEO of KPTS, told the audience, “It is inspiring for KPTS to host this event because this is one small way your favorite public television station is able to honor our brave men and women whose outstanding service to our nation assures us the freedoms and dignity that we as Americans enjoy today.”
Three 2017 KPTS Distinguished Veterans Coming Home Service Awards were given to three worthy Kansas veterans who both served their country and serve in their communities: Gary Rogers of Augusta was one of the three honored veterans.
Rogers served in the Navy Reserve in the Wichita Navy Rescue Center. He served on the USS Port, the USS Norton Sound and the USS Maddox. He has been a volunteer logistics manager on the Butler County Emergency Response Team. He facilitates a bicycle recycling program with the Lancing Correctional Facility, then distributes the reconditioned bicycles to families in need. Rogers helped restart a Government Day in Butler County to help educate youth about government operations and its impact. He is also a member of the City of Augusta Street Sales Tax Advisory Committee.
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