Item tabled at Monday's City meeting

Monday evening’s brief City Council meeting opened with Mayor Matt C. Childers officially proclaiming Monday, Nov. 6, 2017, as “Jobs for America’s Graduates - Kansas Day”.
Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is a state-based national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing dropouts among young people who are most at-risk.  
Local JAG students, along with Christy Pray, JAG-K specialist in Augusta, were recognized at Monday’s meeting.
Dumpsters to rent?
The only business item on the meeting’s agenda was a proposal of an administrative policy outlining parameters of a roll-of dumpster container program, and approval of a fee schedule resolution concerning the program.
Assistant City Manager Cody Sims explained that with the recent modernization of the solid waster fleet, the City of Augusta has also invested money into equipment and resources to begin offering roll-off dumpster container services to the citizens of Augusta and the surrounding growth area.  The proposed administrative policy would serve as a guide for Public Works staff who will be responsible for coordinating with the public when ordering a roll-off container.
The proposed fee structure for the rental of the containers was as follows:
20-yard dumpster - $125
30-yard dumpster - $150
40-yard dumpster - $175

Citizens would be able to rent the containers for a variety of home projects, including but not limited to: general residential cleaning, structural demolition, and code enforcement/nuisance cleaning.  Acceptable and unacceptable material to discard in the dumpster will be determined by the Butler County Landfill.  A list of those items are available on the county’s website,
Sims further explained that the proposed policy would require the customers to be responsible for the dump fees from the County Landfill.   
Upon dumping the contents of the roll-off container at the County Landfill, the  City of Augusta Solid Waste crews will provide the customer’s address for invoice purposes. Butler County would invoice the City of Augusta for all applicable dump fees.
The City of Augusta would invoice the property owner in the amount indicated on the invoice from the Butler County Landfill.  Dump fees billed to the property owner by the City of Augusta will have the same billing terms as standard utility bills.
“Could we make the dump fees easier?” asked Councilman Mike Rawlings.
“I would like to see those fees built into the price,” said Councilor Cale Magruder.
Councilman Ron Reavis advised that he would like to consult some local construction companies on their resources for dumpsters and compare prices.
“If a customer is looking to rent one for a  year, I’m not sure they’d want to do this,” said Councilman Justin Londagin.
Mayor Childers directed staff to bring back more pricing options at a future meeting and council members approved, 7-0, to table the matter.
The Council adjourned to enter an executive session for personnel matters.